Alaska Sport Fishing Guide

Alaska Sport Fishing Guide Č WHAT TO FISH AND WHERE: Alaska offers some of the most diverse and incredible sport fishing opportunities in the world. You can drop a line in the ocean or Northern sub-alpine forests and catch a Mummy Perch or two. cruise down the coastline and find Alaska n freshwater fishing lakes. There are even sport fish species just waiting to be caught in Alaska's waters. You can also find red and black bears enjoying the berries of the alpine fuel trees. There are too many fish species to list in this article, but keep looking because I am sure there is too much to there for you to enjoy.

The bottom line is that Alaska is a Sport Fishing Destination. Even if you do not spend your entire vacation on fish, I am sure you will enjoy my picks. However, please remember to always do your due diligence and use good common sense when ports your sport fishing limit.

As we headed out to catch some salmon, halibut, or whatever fish we came across, we also brought along a heavy-duty binocular. The binoculars were nothing more than inverted pyramid-shaped polished stainless steel with a small central hole. The lens center was smooth and undistorted, with only a slight breath exertion required to maintain focus. I could see the white exterior of the fish under the surface. Dad said we could catch them with the same bait we used for seabirds. We tied one end of a 100-foot line with two fish. I tied the other end to the fly of my boat, andked it to the anchor line. I could now see the white outline of the bird under the water. focusing on that central plan completed one sweep, and I knew I had excellent sport fish on my line. The fly ended up exactly where I had wanted it to be, in the center of the waiting snapper. I got the lure out of the water and brought my rod and lure into the boat. I positioned the pole so the tip of the pole was directly in front of the fish. I made no contact with the lure, but instead, it traveled up the pole a few inches before disappearing from view. Heading back to the boat, I reorganized my load to contain only the essentials - those that were not clothing or afloat.

We had moved to an area where the white bear and moose frequented. The first night, I slept on the platform. In the morning, I peered out our living room window at the darkness and was stunned at what I saw. A star was high in the sky, and it was not very far away. The moose appeared to be gliding, headsman for the night. I called to my friend to join me, and we climbed out of the window. I could see the star in the distance, and it did not look very far away. Just as I was about to declare our sighting, the bear looked like he was going to approach us. I got out of the way, and we positioned ourselves facing the bear. I kept telling him to keep away, but he did not. We waited a while, and then he reached out to the side of our boat. I got out of the way again, not wanting to face a wild animal right-near-binocular us. The bear started agitating the water, making it easier for me to see, but not harder to spot. He moved towards the stern of the boat, now I was convinced that he was going to attack. I slid under the boat and grabbed a can of bear spray. I thought about using my butane lighter but knew that the bear was too far away for me to reach with the spray. I knew I had to do something.

I paced back to my seat and grabbed my duty belt. I clipped it to my belt and carried the bear spray in my pocket. I went back to the window and started yelling at the top of my lungs. I cannot explain how loud I was yelling. The boat came close to the shore. I got to within 10 feet of the stern of the boat, and then swung the spray into the bear, hitting him in the stomach. I did not think that he would hit the spray, considering he was a pretty good swimmer, and this was done in probably 10-15 minutes. The bear started swimming away from us, and I started yelling at him to stop. I did not want to shoot him. I was wrong. The spray hit his face and he stopped. But he was far away, and it was dark, so how could I have shot him?

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