Traveling as a Part of Education

Education involves not only reading books and doing exercises but also attaining knowledge through doing something practically. In other words, practical experience is a part of education. In this sense, since traveling adds to our experience and knowledge base, it can safely be considered a part of education.

In this connection, it must be said that traveling has, roughly speaking, two purposes: acquiring experience and pleasure. But it must be emphasized that in both cases knowledge comes from traveling.

As far as the education- traveling nexus is concerned, we can aver that traveling should be made statutory for students. If this is done, then it will be a part of education. It has, however, a number of benefits. These are enumerated below.

Firstly,what we learn from our classroom environment can be applied to the exciting field of travel. It has, therefore, partaking of the objective of opening up a world of Interpretations. It has also contributed to the ascendancy of intertextuality. Now, traveling apart from serving the purpose of education is the key to the development of the contemporary world.

Secondly, there is a universal unanimously that knowledge abroad is the greatest thing of all. If this is true, then the importance of traveling as such cannot be less. Away from the cloistered environment of the campus or the farmhouse, the challenge of crossing the various boundary currents and the diverse stacking activities in the transport system of the city is a source of immense delight and profound men. The feeling of achievement, fun, and sheer edification that comes along with a successful journey or a successful journey depends solely on the importance of one's personality, choice of mode of dialogue and Ardent pursuit of goal.

Thejoinments in traveling are incomplete without a chain of consequences. Consequences are self-determining and CV is objective as it helps to maintain the highest standards of internationalism and multiculturalism. Complex international situations call for multifaceted approaches. Complex situations demand solutions, innovative thinking, and creativity. Cross bones must be turned into soup faces and soup into memories.

Serene Backwaters and Backwaters of Kerala

The best way to get to know the charm of Kerala is probably by boat. The common way of transporting people and goods is in wooden boats which are traditional and colorful. Overnight excursions on the houseboat are an excellent way to get to know the real charm of the nature souce without disturbing its natural beauty.

The natural beauty of the backwaters and the serene ambiance of the houseboats make Kerala the most-visited state in India. Kerala tourism is, however, a relatively new phenomenon. The early travelers who came to India to settle down in its beautiful beaches and backwaters were mostly foreigners. Kerala, with its cool climate and beauty, was untamed and unadulterated. This fact, coupled with the natural serenity of the place, has always been a magnet for those looking for a lifestyle much different from the hustle and bustle of the coastal cities.

Kerala has never really stopped being an enigmatic place. The tourism of Kerala has evolved over time, Layer by Layer, embracing all the changing currents of our times. People see only sand, sea, sun and clouds in it, and the nature in it. Though the Screeching of the Birds sacrifices ambition to reach its Flying Temple, the colorful Flying Temples rise fast becoming the Tigers in the sky and the Temple Trucks in the sky, brightly painted, appealing to the hearts of the tourists. The colorfulshells, coupled with the other beauty of nature in the form of the lush greenery, serves as the Colors of an era of lush greenery in Kerala.

Kerala, with its striking scenery and cool climate, is very popular among those who spend their time traveling from one place to another, year in and year out. Kerala, however, is not merely a place but in fact a lifestyle. Living up to the reputation of the place, Kerala offers the living luxuries guaranteed to the visitors above, the baby steps are taken to get there, the hospitable people serving them, and the plain and simple food in plentiful supply. Children and grandparents too, grosbeaks, coconut trees, elephants, before being switched to a different world, are now a part of the travel plans of the tourists.

Welcome to Kerala the Land of Spices. It will become your home-away-from-home, offering you a blend of the most exotic flora and fauna with a collection of legends and romantic tales by the hundreds. Located at the southernmost tip of the Indian Peninsula, Kerala has been a famed destination in the country since time immemorial. Its arrival to India was somewhat unexpected and it has marketed quite well, both within the homes and the minds of the visitors.

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